The impact of 420 on modern day society

Apr 18, 2021 | FAQs

Though there are a few variations of how 420 came about, the one that seems to stand out is the story of five high school students who in 1971 organized a search for abandoned cannabis crops. They used the code ‘420’ when communicating amongst themselves.

A lot has happened regarding the cannabis plant since then. We have gradually seen the decriminalization and acceptance of the plant worldwide. The continued acceptance of this plant has also resulted in the infusion of  cannabis in foods, beverages, beauty products and medicines. Even large conglomerates have jumped on the opportunity of investing in cannabis retail stores.


Annually, April 20 (420) has represented a cannabis cultural holiday in several countries around the world and the list continues to grow everywhere. What used to be an event of protest against the misconception of the plant has grown to be more of a celebration in recent years and even an unofficial national holiday for cannabis culture.

The 420 Movement

Continuing to recognize the 420 movement is important, as there is still a lot of progress yet to be made especially with the negative stereotyping of the plant that continues to be rampant.

Appreciation also needs to be shown to cannabis activists around the world who have no doubt made personal sacrifices to have this plant recognized for its many benefits. So much so that governments around the world are passing legislations due to the economic and medical benefits this plant has had to offer in the long drawn out journey towards legalization.

Excitement is abound about the future of the cannabis plant, and with the growing number of people in society appreciating the benefits of having the plant around, there are limitless opportunities which are yet to be learned.

With continued research and development of the cannabis plant from a globalization standpoint, the cannabis culture will be cemented in society and will no longer be bounded by its coded history.

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