Our Cannabis Products

At GreenPort Cannabis, we give you the opportunity to shop for the products that complement your lifestyle. We’ve curated a wide variety of high-quality cannabis products to help you enjoy your day.

From cannabis flower, edibles, vapes, oils, topical and pre-rolls. We’ve made it easy for you to find the good stuff that you need. 



‘Flower’ is a general term that refers to the smokable, trichome-covered part of a female cannabis plant. Shop our dried flower collection of indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, hybrid, high-THC and high-CBD products. 



Cannabis edibles are foods and refreshments infused with cannabis. Treat yourself to cannabis infused cookies, chocolates, gummies and beverages.



Cannabis oil is the concentrated liquid extract of the cannabis plant. Cannabis oils are injested in the liquid form with a syringe, as an oral spray or softgels.



Cannabis topicals are cannabis-infused products you can apply directly onto your body’s surface typically used to relieve an ailment or discomfort.



Pre-rolls are cannabis flowers that are rolled for you, like marijuana cigarettes, known as joints or blunts.



Vaping cannabis is easy and more discreet than traditional smoking methods. We have a great selection of vaping options for both flower and concentrates.

Cannabis Recommendation

How to shop for Cannabis Products?

For a better shopping experience, focus on how you want to feel. With so many cannabis products available in the marketplace, the best way to get the kind of effect you want is by learning about the different cannabis products, their strains and how they work for you.

Buying Cannabis Products by Activity

Here is a guide to help you with deciding what products to purchase based on your activity and preferences.


Enjoy a night out with strains selected to keep you energized, uplifted and focused.


Stream your favorite flick and enjoy strains suited for a comfy, calm or more focused cannabis experience.


Get comfy, calm, and relax with these strains selected for a more chill experience.


Feel friendly with strains that are uplifting, energizing or help you focus (higher CBD)


Level up your gaming session with strains to keep you comfy, calm, focused or energized.

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